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除了 这些塔

批发价格指数 教师 researchers collaborate with each other, with other world-class institutions, in addition to corporate partners. The end goal is to investigate and apply solutions to challenges in such areas as healthcare, 制造业, 公共安全, 教育, 和能源.  

在这里, an emphasis on applied research means 教师 and students engage in work that can translate into products, 服务, or other intellectual property. Our spaces offer areas where our students, 教师, 校友, and community and industry leaders can interact, learning from each other as they network. 

除了, academic scholarship in engineering and applied science and pragmatic inventive activity are highly integrated throughout the university. This practical tradition originates from a strong history of cross and interdisciplinary research, 行业协会, and applications with other like-minded institutions. 


批发价格指数 has been contributing new ideas, 新技术, and new talent to drive the evolution of 制造业 since its founding in 1865. Today it is playing a pivotal role in a new advanced 制造业 revolution. From being a member of nine of the 14 美国制造业 institutes to nurturing young talent to advancing research through major funding initiatives, 批发价格指数 find partnerships a valuable way to keep the momentum moving forward.

Working Together for the Benefit of the Soldier

With over twenty years of collaboration, 批发价格指数 and 美国.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, 被称为DEVCOM, signed an agreement that will carry on with research projects in the areas of fire protection, 数据安全, 化学工程, 和机器人. The shared goal is to improve the lives of soldiers.

研究 photo showing photonics

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (批发价格指数), in collaboration with Quinsigamond 社区 College (QCC), will develop a Lab for Education & Application Prototypes (LEAP) at 批发价格指数. Part of the national American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics), the LEAP at 批发价格指数 will support the integrated photonics 制造业 sector in central Massachusetts. 


批发价格指数 and the University of Massachusetts Lowell are partnering on a new UML-批发价格指数 Collaborative Seed Funding Initiative. The aim is to support new collaborations, 新发现的, 增加外部融资, 行业合作伙伴, and intellectual property development through teamwork between 批发价格指数 and 马塞诸斯州大学洛厄尔 教师.

批发价格指数 and 马塞诸斯州大学医学院: Stronger Together

批发价格指数 and 马塞诸斯州大学医学院 (UMMS) are partnering to explore new frontiers in healthcare and medicine, from advancing surgical technologies to using robotics to improve patient interactions. View the video here or learn more about the ways in which we partner with UMMS. And learn more about how the institutions share facilities and unique joint academic programs.